Filmmaker | Educator | Consultant

Heroin Hearse

Producer, Director

HEROIN HEARSE (2018, 12 min)

Thesis Advisor for Director Ryan Buckley

“Inject Heroin. Reject Life.” These stark words are scrawled across the side of Dwayne Wood’s hearse, which he drives daily through the streets of Huntington, West Virginia. His message is not subtle, but in the overdose capital of America, Wood simply won’t beat around the bush. “People may turn their nose up at us and think our approach is inappropriate,” Wood says in Ryan Buckley’s short documentary, Heroin Hearse. “Our approach is straight-out, rub the sand in your face, we’re in an epidemic. Period. This hearse is the final result.” - The Atlantic (April 9, 2019)

“In the overdose capital of America, Dwayne Woods turns a vintage hearse into a mobile pulpit, preaching a message of life through the imagery of death. When he opens a detox center at ground zero for heroin use, Dwayne hopes sheer compassion trumps experience when recruiting his first client.” - 2019 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival